How to become a true learner in life?

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Learning For Life

To always keep learning the biggest need is to be able to listen when others are talking even if you know about it. Since you might always learn something new or different. With technologies changing at such a fast pace your knowledge might be out of date or the way the other person explains it could be unique and different. The other person might be wrong that is also possible but always first listen completely to what the other person has to say. This way you might learn something new or different even when the other person is wrong since now you know how you could also have thought that way and won’t make that mistake in understanding.

We want to be done with learning hence we don’t like the fact that learning is a always ongoing process if we truly want to be good at a particular thing. We have to accept this fact then only we can be a true learner in life and enjoy the process of learning.

Always think how far you have come and not how much more you have to go. This is very critical because otherwise we give up thinking that we have a long way to go.

Pride is very dangerous, it makes us feel more than we actually are. It blunts the very instrument we need to own in order to succeed at anything : our mind. That hinders our growth and ability to learn.

John D. Rockefeller as a young man, practiced a nightly conversation with himself.

“Because you have got a start,” he’d say aloud or write in his diary, “you think you are quite a merchant; look out or you will lose your head — go steady.”

Keep learning !!!

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