The Beauty of Doing One Thing

- 3 mins read
I really enjoy learning new things and diving into rabbit holes while exploring a particular topic. I don’t like to hold back in that endeavor. That drive is great but can suck you into the vortex of overwhelm if you take a lot on your plate. Recognizing Overwhelm When I attempt to cram every interest into my schedule, I end up doing very little of any of those. I find myself defaulting to activities that pass the time but don’t enrich it.

Twinkle in the Eye

- 5 mins read
There’s a profound joy in finding something you truly love to do—something that not only challenges you but also fills you with excitement every day. In this post, I explore what ‘Twinkle in the Eye’ means to me and share how I’ve cultivated these moments in my own life. My hope is that this can inspire you to discover and savor these sparks of joy in your own pursuits. How do I define it?

How to become a true learner in life?

- 2 mins read
To always keep learning the biggest need is to be able to listen when others are talking even if you know about it. Since you might always learn something new or different. With technologies changing at such a fast pace your knowledge might be out of date or the way the other person explains it could be unique and different. The other person might be wrong that is also possible but always first listen completely to what the other person has to say.